be all, end all...
and by that, i mean this is by far & away my favorite layering look

with fall approaching, if not here for most, layering becomes more essential to our mobility. the transitional focus of layering can be nerve wracking and tricky for some, so i want to highlight prime layering examples, and the godess of layering herself: TAYLOR TOMASI HILL

layering_eva peng_elle tumblr

layering is a fearsome thing to behold. it takes panache, and a'lil understanding of the how-to's and def-not's that the masters of layering display effortlessly.

layering should, and often, exhibits a sense of humor and spontaneity. not to be taken too seriously, the look above dabbles in layering, patterns and the POP of bright color.

layering_elle tumblr_Aviel

notice the textures & patterns, bold. the key to getting this right is that a majority of the look, regardless of fabric or graphic, remains in the same earthy palette. this gives it enough continuity that she is able to throw in the skirt as the statement piece without unbalancing the rest of the look. well done.

layering_elle tumblr_Bonnie Chen

if your look leans toward the classic, layering is as easy as a few of the right pieces + accessories: denim, trench and a bright bag. All is pulled together, and yet has depth.

layering_elle tumblr_Leila

"weather" it's summer or fall, you can layer!! the above demonstates that quite well. again, it's great to notice a creation-theme. grey is the chosen palette, which serves as a base that allow her to mix, not one but, two animal prints. the look is refreshing rather than psychitzo.

try your hand at this concept slowly... it is a skill, i believe, that is most rewarding when mastered. g'luck.

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