#i die... where to even begin? when i say i live for this, i mean it.

beaded pleated tulle gown, givenchy haute couture, done its visual justice as only gilles bensimon could !! even years after first lying eyes on this, i still can't breathe.  the juxtaposition of an ethereal gown gracing the harsh NYC streets does it for me every time. not to mention, the pensive pout & long gloves. too much !!

if given the chance for this beloved gown to grace my closet, i'd be hard pressed to EVER take it off.  some people prefer to merely gaze longingly at their precious pieces and dare not take them out except for the utmost of events (mother dearest), which is respectable. i, on the other hand, would find any excuse to wear this, even if on a trip to the market to purchase [insert any item] ... i kid not!

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