louis vuitton brings us to neverland !!

a peter pan collar is a specific type of shirt collar, usually found on women's & girl's clothing. the collar evokes a sense of innocence, and the simple design appeals to many women of all ages. like many fashion trends, the popularity of the peter pan collar waxes and wanes, but a few examples can usually be found on the racks of a department store, especially in the girls' section. it is also possible, of course, to sew your own clothing with a peter pan collar, or to modify an existing shirt collar.
several things distinguish a peter pan collar from other types of shirt collars. the first, and most distinctive, is the rounded edges of a peter pan collar. the edges of the rounds may meet or overlap, or there may be a gap between them. the collar also tends to be small and unobtrusive, as well as close fitting. typically, a shirt or dress with a peter pan collar is modest, since the collar hugs the neck, not leaving room for display of décolletage or cleavage.

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