isabel marant

i adore the isabel marant red leather pants, seen just about everywhere.

while not within everyone's price point, there are equally chic, budget-friendly versions by COS (above), as well as a similar zara version in black, which i purchased & wear constantly. close enough !! the zara's are phenomenal for quality vs price. i plan on wearing them ceaselessly this winter, and added a sheer white blouse & heels for a complete look.

**as soon as i get my archive content uploaded for this blog,
the zara look, mentioned above, just may be the first personal shot i post here**

until then, inspiration lies in the images above.

my lovely girlfriend marie so kindly pointed out last night that you can now shop for zara online...! i might be quite the late comer to this, but am happy to have them more accessible, as well as being able to provide images of the outfit i mentioned above. unfortunately, the only element i could not find was the shoes. you'll have to wait until i get my pictures up for the full monte. enjoy these for now. XO!


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