leg·end  (ljnd) n.
one that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame
these icons need no introduction, their contributions are storied and still revered, as they remain relevant and continue to inspire ...
i can't fathom forward-looking without acknowledging a few of their past
and impressively candid shots

christy turlington (burns).

she may be my all time favorite from her perfectly proportioned face, natural radiance and penchant for social activism, additionally being married to mr edward burns is not a terrible detractor either.

this image comes from the depth of my archived content. i was moved by her gaze, the elegance of its travel element and those cuff links i will forever try and find (or have custom made one day!!).

kate moss. period.

shalom harlow.

if only i was old enough with an equally mature bank account to have purchased the ann demeulemeester satin, knee length jacket she is wearing, 
one of my enduring fashion crushes.

amber valletta.

**while not a complete, inclusive list, these icons, in particular, will always provoke me**

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