travelling is such an exciting adventure, and packing is such a personal venture

more often than not, people treat packing with the last minute approach, which is  inconceivable for me. a trip is the sum of many parts. personally, i greatly enjoy the front-end: researching & packing. based on sufficient due diligence of these two elements, you can usually know & plan out a solid attire scheme. as soon as i plan a trip, my mind immediately wanders to what i will/should be wearing while i wander [there]. i replay details, terrain, weather & events over-and-over in my head. it is standard fare for me to have packed, at least mentally, weeks in advance & i prefer to have the actual luggage packed days in advance. this is not only efficient, but is good for liabilities. those last 48 hours, i usually remember something i will need or forgot to add. i simply drop it in rather than trying to shake off the regret of the inevitable have-not once already on the trip.  

i look for inspiration and efficiency and found both here in gwyneth's simple outfit, practical shoes & proper amount of bags/weekenders. a job well done.

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