enough said? oh yah!!

it must be said i have a ferocious appetite for clippings, a lifelong obsession. others see magazines and, at best, peruse. i, going so much further, see fashion content and DEVOUR. if i was surrounded by my endless years of clippings, saved/coveted issues and various stacks of books, i could entertain myself for a length of time i dare not say.

with this caveat, i could imagine no other  image i have loved more or for a longer period of time than this. while constantly inundated with over-the-top details, trends, the latest, the greatest, the buy/keep/store and the bigger, better and of-the-moment, i find it paramount to start simple.

perhaps a testament to American culture (?), it is hard to top the quality of the classic, a simple white shirt w/jeans & proper accessories.

when done right, may it be a uniform for life…

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